Social Media Management

Grow more connections.

As a company, you should be a social butterfly. We can help you get there by developing and implement for you a social media marketing plan. This plan will include brand development, graphic design, targeted advertisements, content strategy, engagement strategy, promotion strategy, and conversion strategy. In working with your organization, the social media manager will also determine and measure your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that most most to your business.

Here at Basic Media Management, we believe that social media is the most important way to connect with your community! The image you put into the social word is many times your first and only image people see. So, it’s important that the first impression you give is the best!

Each month we develop and implement a strategy that is unique to your goals and vision. We will focus on your events, your services and share information that your followers would find interesting.

It’s not enough to just make awesome posts. Your followers want to talk with you, and we want to make sure you are giving them the attention they need. We aren’t into “buying followers”, which means there are people interested in the work you do on the other end of the computer.

There are many details when it comes to Social Media Management pricing. How many days per week will we post for your? How many posts per day will we do? Are you into us handling your engagement? How many followers are you starting off with? Call us today for a monthly quote!