Pinterest Fun Facts


Pinterest is much like a bulletin board, but everything that gets posted is saved for later viewing. Pinterest was founded March 2010. Pinterest could really benefit a company in many ways.

One, it converts more browsers into buyers. The whole purpose of Pinterest is to share ideas and where these ideas can come to life. If someone likes the idea of your company, they will share it with their followers, which will drive in a lot more traffic. According to, there are 72.8 million users on Pinterest (last updated 4/1/15). Not only can more viewers learn of you and your company, you can learn more about your viewers and what they love.

You can also learn more about your competitor this way. How many Pinterest users share your competitor’s posts and what kind of content does your competitor share? Pinterest is essentially free marketing for a lifetime. There is no time limit on a Pinterest post. If one wants to go back and view and older post, they can.